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Blinky Pixels shows the wrong color

The colors on my Blinky Pixels seem to be mixed up, a fully green image in pattern paint shows red and vice versa. Is that a known issue?


  • Hmm, that's quite odd...

    Which method are you using to change the image? Patternpaint?
  • Sorry to chime in so late but I ran into the same problem. I wasn't using PatternPaint but using Arduino code using the FastLED library. What I noticed was that the color order for the BlinkyPixels and the BlinkyTape is different so when the addLeds method was called, I had to change the color order from GRB to RGB. ie:

    LEDS.addLeds(leds, LED_COUNT); // this configures the BlinkyBoard - leave as is.

    I also changed the LED type to WS2811 but don't know if that made any difference. I just know the code I had for my BlinkyTapes on my Christmas tree worked great on the BlinkyPixels once I made that change (and number of LEDs total).
  • Thanks for catching this! The test images I used were all multicolor, so it wasn't obvious at first. We'll make a note of that in the documentation, and I'll see about adding a BlinkyPixel mode for PatternPaint as well.
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