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Powering BlinkyTiles

edited February 2016 in BlinkyTile

I have virtually no experience putting these things together so please bare with me.

I'm going to be making a small project using about 40 BlinkyTiles and an Arduino, but I won't have any access to a power outlet. How can I power them remotely?


  • I was thinking of using the Adafruit PowerBoost 500 shield and a 2500mAh li-poly battery:

    Will this provide enough power?

  • Hi Palco, the Adafruit shield you mentioned sounds good, however 500mA isn't quite enough for 40 tiles- you'd be better off using a power bank that's designed to provide >1A charging, such as this one:

  • Also, the battery life is directly related to the pattern being displayed, and the brightness setting- we've found for wearable applications, the highest brightness is usually too much. Using a smaller 4400mAh battery to power a 24 tile project, we usually get 4-6h of power.

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