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can't connect after upgrading PatternPatin

Tape lights up when plugged in, but app will not connect.
Connect does nothing.

Here's my specs from the Help menu

Pattern Paint 0.2.0
Build Date: Dec 8 2013 11:10:53
Operating system: Windows 7
QT information:
Build Date: Sun Aug 25 2013
Path: C:\Qt\Qt5.1.1\5.1.1\mingw48_32\lib
Detected BlinkyTapes:
Detected BlinkyTape Bootloaders:
Detected Serial Ports:
Manufacturer: Microsoft
Description: Standard Serial over Bluetooth link
VID: 0x0
PID: 0x0
Manufacturer: Microsoft
Description: Standard Serial over Bluetooth link
VID: 0x0
PID: 0x0


  • Hi blinkyPea - could you go in, try to connect, and then use the Tools->restore rainbow option in the menu to try to flash the factory firmware back on your tape?
  • I just tried that. No go. It never connects, so not sure how it could load the factory image.

    You know that c:\QT in the system info... yeah, there's no c:\QT on my system.... Was pattern paint supposed to install that?
  • I can answer the QT one: the QT libs get installed in c:\Program files (x86)\PatternPaint\, or c:\Program Files\PatternPaint if you have a 32bit system. They must be there, the program wouldn't run at all if they were missing.

    The c:\QT thing is the location they are installed in when compiling the program, which isn't a useful diagnostic; I'll remove it from the list in the next version of PatternPaint.

    Based on your description, it looks like BlinkyTape isn't showing up. Can you look in your device manager to see if there are any unknown devices? Plug in your BlinkyTape, then go to start-> then type 'device manager'. if the BlinkyTape driver is somehow having a problem, it should show up on the list with a red 'x', or something similar.
  • Just to close this out... My laptop had a bad USB port... very hard to figure that one out till I got a new laptop.

    Sorry for wasting your time on this one.
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