Memory-144 LEDs

I bought the Blinky Controller and it works excellently. But, I hooked it up to a 144 LED WS2812B and immediately hit the memory limit. I would like the higher resolution of the additional LEDs. Is there a controller available that has larger memory? I see Pattern Paint shows configs for a couple Arduino's. Are there instructions somewhere on how to build a Pattern Paint compatible controller with more memory?


  • How long did it take for them to ship this to you?

  • They were a little slow to ship it. 2-3 days maybe. I don't even remember if I got a ship notice. It did show up though. Within a week of ordering I'm pretty sure. USPS. First of November.

  • Thanks. I just bought 1 day cause I really need it fast but haven’t gotten it yet =\

  • Hi Skuss, thanks for your order and apologies that the memory is so small for larger LEDs. The BlinkyTape sized one is the only one that we have available now, though we are considering putting out a new one soon.

  • Thanks, that's great news. In the meantime, where would I go to get help on building something that works with Pattern Paint?

  • It's a little tough, since the original BlinkyTape code was written for an Atmega32u4, and I don't know of a similar AVR that has built-in USB more internal storage. All of our new explorations involve replacing the whole system, and then adapting PatternPaint to work with them. It might be better to start with the EightByEight badge firmware (based on ESP8266), and modify that to control WS2812 style LEDs.

  • Thanks, I will look into the EightByEight. Just to finish up, in PatternPaint, Tools/SceneConfiguration/Controller/Type, when do we use the settings "Arduino Leonardo" and "Arduino Micro"?

  • That setting is not actually used. PatternPaint can recoginize a couple versions of the Leonardo or Micro, but it treats them the same as a BlinkyTape.

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