How do I remove the images?

I updated to the latest firmware with
sudo dfu-util -d 1209 -D pendant-firmware-v300.dfu

pendant-firmware-v300.dfu I got it from here and I am using Pattern Paint v2.4.1

I was able to add images but now I want to remove them or maybe restore the original images, sorry If this is a basic question but I could not find how to do it.



  • When you use PatternPaint to save images to the BlinkyPendant, it should automatically erase the images in the BlinkyPendant memory, and replace them with the newly uploaded ones.

    There's a sample project that you can use to restore the default images- you can load it by selecting Help->Welcome Screen. Make sure the check box 'load example images' is checked, then double click on the BlinkyPendant photo and it should load the default images.

    If you're using one of the original batches of BlinkyPendant, then it might have come with a different set of images included- if there's one you are missing, let me know and we find it.

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