BT-Controller Help

Hi there,

I just got the BT controller yesterday and at first it seemed for be functioning ok to a degree. It ran the default rainbow animation, but I could not figure out how to communicate with it otherwise. When trying to run the DiscoParty sketch, for example, I just got an error that said to connect to blinkytape but offered no info on exactly how to make that happen. This morning, it doesn't even run the animation, but the chip does get warm. Not sure what to try next to troubleshoot this.


  • Hi Ursonate,

    Sorry to hear that the controller is giving you trouble. Can you share what kind of LEDs you've hooked up to it (and ideally a picture of the connections)?

    Second, which operating system and version are you using (Windows/Mac/Linux)? If you're using Windows, then you will need to install PatternPaint in order to load the drivers for the BT controller- the link is here:

  • I'll upload a photo when I'm back at home. I had it connected to an Adafruit neopixel stick with 8 LEDs. I'm on a mac.
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