Blinkytape with Arduino and header files

There is a problem with the the code for the "PatternPlayer" example in Arduino. Upon compiling it I receive the error: 'prog_char' does not name a type. This is after a series of encoding problems between the header files and the actual PatternPlayer have forced me to reset my Blinkytape multiple times. I'm certainly no expert on this and since the example program doesn't even work I decided to try here. All of the other example programs work fine and PatternPlayer works fine also. My goal is to make my Blinkytape responsive, that is make it change patterns based off of what games you are playing and even what buttons you press while you are pressing. Thanks for the help!


  • Hi- apologies for that. It sounds like we might have updated the example but not the library. We had some issues updating the code to support a recent Arduino build, so it is probably related to that. I'll take a look today.

  • Alright, Thanks!

  • ya, i've tried resolving this problem too! it'd be nice to use the "PatternPlayer" with some of the header files i've exported from the PatternPaint program.

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