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  • I ran into the error as well...everything was running smoothly when I had version 2.1(although I had never tried to restore firmware) it was however loading patterns onto the blinky no problem. Then earlier today I clicked the"check for pattern pain…
  • And the sk6812 has a data frequency of 800khz compared to ws which is 600khz if I'm not mistaken, so I'm guessing it is what you are predicting
  • Oh interesting! That could be the case...I have about 140 hooked up, and it's 74LED/meter sk6812. There's about 1500mah li-ion powering with a 2A, 5v step up, but I do have it branched with the 3.7v running to the stripping as well. Then I run just …
  • Just want to note how helpful the change that was made to the button on the new board is. How there are only two larger solder pads for the button. Much easier to access, to wire larger pushbuttons for the props I make. Exactly what It needed!
  • Yes you only need one blinkytape controller to address the three meters off stripping. Patternpaint will control up to a 512 LED setup. To power that many lights, power the LED strip directly with the power source, and run a separate wire to power t…
  • isn't there a way to address even more lights than 255? I'm talking about 400 or even more, by having the blinky loop a small pattern indefinitely, regardless of how many lights you add on? I have a pre programmed TSSOP20 with hundreds of color patt…
  • How about a small 14 key RF wireless Remote? Would it be simple to have it run off of the xtal frequency on the blinky controller?