Hoping for more animations/visualizations...lots more!

I've been playing around with both Processing and the Python libraries, and there's a few examples of how to make cool looking animations or visualizations, but I'm hoping for way more! iTunes and Windows Media Player have tons of cool visualization plugins that use some cool math to make great designs. Is there existing visualization code we can port that will work on Blinkytape?

I saw this and was wondering if it would work:



  • Hi Danny,

    I think someone else had previously asked about this - yes there should be a lot of stuff that can just be ported. However, I don't think that library will work as it's intended for use with a different type of LED strip.

    But - there is some low-level Python support, see this Github repository: https://github.com/Blinkinlabs/BlinkyTape_Python
  • Oh, sorry, I see that there isn't a nice readme...however everything is in this BlinkyTape class: https://github.com/Blinkinlabs/BlinkyTape_Python/blob/master/BlinkyTape.py

    You should be able to use this very similarly to the one you're asking about but let us know if you have specific questions.
  • Thanks, I've already been using the Python library (which has been great), but the problem isn't with how to set different colors, it's which colors to set and when! I'm not very artistic, and since lots of people have already put tons of time into writing algorithms to make cool visualizations, and that's what I want to piggy back off of. So is there already Python (or other) code which has a lot of different visualizations somewhere?
  • Gotcha. There's actually a lot more that's been done in Processing than Python - if you're just looking for cool patterns, I'd try out those examples. Though it should be possible to port algorithms you've found to either platform with a little bit of work.

    Do you have anything particular in mind?
  • What I really want is to be able to do something as cool as WhiteCap:

    They have so many awesome visualizations, I want something like that! They have almost infinite combinations of things so it can smoothly rotate through different ones, or you pick any setting you like and stick with it. Is there anything like that out there that could be converted to a single line of pixels and then output to the Blinkytape?
  • That's very cool, but there are a lot of ways to go about that, so it ends up being a very open-ended problem. In addition to DiscoParty, maybe check out this audio visualizer: http://blinkinlabs.com/post/spectrogram.html

    If you have specific ideas about what you'd like to see on the BlinkyTape, let us know and maybe we can work together to make it happen.
  • Yeah, I guess I'm just trying to find some way to go from such open-endedness to some cool visualizations, so I guess I'll keep experimenting...
  • There are definitely a lot of possibilities and I understand that it can be very daunting...but if you have a specific idea we can help you make it happen. The tricky thing is converting something like the examples you sent into something that will work on a strip of 60 LEDs; think about that and then we can go from there.
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