Resetting the board without using needles

I uploaded a sketch that seems to cause some problems, since I am no longer able to upload new sketches. I saw the instructions for resetting the board to fix this, but that would require punching holes into the silicon which would make the strip not weather proof anymore. Is there any way around this?


  • Can I have an update please?
  • Hi jravetch,

    We've found that doing the reset with sewing needles doesn't have a huge impact on how weather-resistant the strip is. The silicone seals itself back up pretty well; I've had to do it a few times and I can't even see the holes that are left, and since it's near the opening for the USB connector, it doesn't have much practical impact; if you're leaving a BlinkyTape in an outdoor installation, you'll want to seal that USB connector with some silicone glue or some sturdy tape, so just cover the area with the reset pads also.

    If you prefer, you could carefully remove the cap from the end of the tape for access, then re-seal it with silicone glue, but I think the sewing-needle trick is better.

    BTW - the reset process can be a little tricky, so make sure to give it a few tries to get the timing right. Also, if you need immediate help, send an email to

    Thanks for being a BlinkyTape user!
  • Was able to reset the board. Thanks for the help.
  • Thanks for letting me know - glad it worked out!
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