BlinkyTape with MAX/MSP?

Hi, I'm trying to get MAX/MSP/Jitter to control my BlinkyTape.

I'm just getting started and not particularly programming-savvy. Has there been any progress made in interfacing MAX/MSP with BlinkyTape?



  • I'm new to MAX/MSP, however I was able to get some rudimentary behavior working tonight:

    The patch is here:

    Do you have experience with MAX/MSP?
  • can you give us a little(theoretical or practical)intro also using it with
    Touchdesigner and MadMapper?
    thanks a lot

    Ps i was hoping to have some more news about controlling via DMX ..but alternatives are well accepted :-)
  • Hey Claudio,

    We're actually not too familiar with touchdesigner or madmapper - are those from the Max/MSP world?

    Blinkytape itself isn't ideal for direect control by DMX but alternative connections should be possible for integration into most setups - maybe tell us a bit more about what you're looking to do?

    Yes its a similar system but the nodes are more self explanatory
    it can communicate between serials,dmx,images..
    pleace give a look to him because its reaaly powerful plus.. it has a non commercial use to study with max/msp was terminated the trial version long time ago.
    if you need some help contact me and ill give as much information i can about the system

    thanks a lot!
  • Hi claudio,

    Interesting - I just took a quick look at the touchdesigner site and it looks pretty cool. I don't know how much time we'll be able to devote to developing for it, since it's Windows-only - we are Mac-based though we have a windows machine or two around for testing.

    However - it seems like it should be totally possible to user BlinkyTape with Touchdesigner. If you're familiar with Max, I might also suggest trying puredata - it's very similar (and open source / cross-platform, though not quite as slick) and I believe it should be possible to adapt our previous patches to work.
  • Hope you can give a quick look
    I tried tonight tryng to read what you did in max..
    Unfortunatly Im not a programmer and id like to understand what kind Of "string"
    I need to send out via touchdesigner
    Hope you can give me a little help
    Thanks a lot
  • You'll want to send a series of 3 x 0-254 values for each light (one R,G and B for each LED) followed by a 255 - that's all the tape is expecting.

    Unfortunately we're just not that familiar with touchdesigner, but keep us posted on your progress and we'll try to answer your questions as best we can.
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