FastLED 2.1 Dithering on BlinkyTape?


  • Oh wow. I don't see why it wouldn't work - grab the update and recompile with #DITHER 1 - I'll give it a shot as soon as I can!
  • Actually I just gave it a go - it seems like it adds a weird jittery effect at low brightnesses. Not sure I like it. Let us know how your experiments go.
  • Yeah, it requires the update function to be called as often as possible, to achieve the dithering effect. It should get a little better if it is called from an interrupt with a fixed timing. I'll see if i can set up a demo for it, its really cool that they added thus feature!
  • Thanks. Yeah, it seems like a cool thing to add. I got a Fadecandy controller board recently, which was made to do dithering; it does make great looking color fades. I thought it'd be fantastic if my BlinkyTape was able to do that too with this new update.

    They also added color correction and color temperature functions.

    This would more elegantly solve the bluish color temp I was trying to fix in my BlinkyShimmer sketch.
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