Add strips?

As nothing is impossible in the manmade world (just a PITA and/or expensive), can you add longer RGB strips to blinkytape?

If so:
What RGB strips to look for?
At what length will the USB power no longer be enough juice?
If you have to add a power supply, can it be hooked up to USB at the same time?


  • It's possible to add more LEDs, here are some notes about it:
    -Soldering skills are required (of course!)
    -Power consumption is already at the maximum for USB, so you will need to add separate 5v power
    -You can hook the next strip up to the end of the Blinkytape- just connect the data and ground connections, and only connect the 5v supply to the strip that you are adding (that way the power won't interfere).
    -Compatible strips are WS2812b, also known as neopixel.
    -There isn't technically a limit on how many LEDs can be connected, however eventually you will run out of memory on the BlinkyTape controller. 4M of LEDs (240 total) seem to work ok.
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