Running BlinkyTape w/ Processing in Ubuntu (14.04.1)

edited September 2014 in BlinkyTape Troubleshooting
Documenting the troubleshooting I went through to save other Linux newbies time:

First I had to figure out the device name on my particular system (ttyACM0) by using dmesg. After I entered that into my sketch, Processing complained that I didn't have permission to access the serial port. I got my sketch to work after I entered this:

sudo chown myUserName /dev/ttyACM0

This is the resource that I used:


  • Thanks for the tip! Did you also have to disable modemmanager?
  • You're welcome. I did do that as well, but I don't know if that also contributed to getting things to work. I did that before I did the chown, and after doing the chown was when I noticed a difference.
  • Ah, ok. Yeah, that one's required too, otherwise it takes over the BlinkyTape and won't let your program use it.
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