Store multiple patterns?

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Is there any way to save more than 1 pattern to the Blinkytape (internal memory permitting of course) without hooking up the tape to an Arduino? I have Zero programming knowledge so was wondering if anyone has a script or has written anything of similar concept for use with Processing that could be used? Something that could save the patterns and allow cycling between with a push of the clicker button on the tape?

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  • Hi there!

    Thanks for the question. This is something that we're looking into but it's not possible at this time; unfortunately the tape doesn't have a huge amount of memory so it's tricky.

    It is possible via programming - for example the tape comes from the factory with several algorithmic patterns saved on it. If you were interested in learning more about that, this is a great place to look:

  • Actually, I have uploaded to BT, an Arduino sketch that allows for the button press to advance to a different Pixel Patterns (file attached). Problem is now, I can't reprogram the BT. It no longer appears using Pattern Paint or Arduino IDE.
  • trying to upload (attach) file failed??? Does it work for anyone else? Uploading just keeps on ticking without acknowledging a file is attached. Say's no file selected even though I have selected and clicked upload?? WTF!
  • Hmm, I think that we must have broken something when we upgraded. Maybe use a Github "gist?"

    Btw - it sounds to me like the program has probably crashed the tape. Have you tried the reset procedure and returning to one of the example sketches?
  • yup, tried the pin trick again and again. nada. New problem, the board broke off my Kickstarter BT (again). I had to do a pixelectomy. The brand new BT came just in the nick of time. I immediately set it up with my highly refined mounting treatment on a walking stick; paying special attention to prevent that reoccurring first pixel damage. I might get around to making a video about my mounting technique. Meanwhile I am giving a light painting class featuring Blinkytape at Maker Bar. Its a great opportunity for PR if you want to get in on it somehow? Which reminds me... what is your target market with BT? Are you willing to expand it? Because I see it used in a very different way thats perfect for a huge market. It might take a PR stunt and social media pressure to kick things off. But if we plan now....
  • Ok, that can be tricky. Also if there's a short further down the board I think that it may interfere with the reset. Did you get it working again after the LED removal? I assume you just cut between the pads and moved it down by one?

    That's awesome about the Maker Bar - I hope it goes really well! Send us the listing so we can share it.

    In general, though, I'm not sure how much time/effort we want to spend on PR (it takes away from the inventing, which is what we really like) but if you have an idea feel free to run with it.
  • Tnx Ethan re MakerBar well wishes! I do have an idea for a use of BTs. Its More about marketing than anything else ( to sell a shitload of BT, to my proposed target market and serve a heck of a lot of people NOT TO MENTION SAVING LIVES!)

    I tried to contact Matt about it. I must be on his black list :( as i left word few days ago & havent heard a word back - unless im missing something? I hope you're well! I look forward to meeting you while still on the East Coast. Maybe we can skype and talk about my idea. BTW have you used TALKY.IO yet? Lets try that instead of skype. Your whole team could participate from their respective locations, all seeing and hearing each other at the same time.
  • Hey - sorry, we just have a lot going on. Maybe talk Tuesday afternoon? I don't do the so maybe just skype?
  • Hi Ethan, just checking in. Any chance to Skype today? I'll be monitoring "MauiMacMan" hail at will! :-)
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