Is this possible TIME + Color + Fade

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I want to create a simple fade on a single blinkytape. Basically all of the lights simultaneously running a program that goes from off, and slowly growing in intensity to bright red over a period of 5 secconds, then the red shifts into orange and sustains untill it is repeated again. We have a super cool video movie that needs this effect and i bought a couple of blinky tapes in hope that this would be easy. Most of the software seems to be about patterns and i am not up to speed with Processing or any other software to know how difficult this is going to be.

Please throw me a bone... i will attempt to learn anything just could use the most straightforward path if possible!!!


  • Hey there,

    This is definitely possible. How long would you want this to take? It would be possible to do this via an image in Patternpaint, but it would take a large image to do a slow fade, and the tape may not have enough memory.

    I think the easiest and most direct way to do this might be via editing the Arduino sketch - perhaps by modifying "colorloop" in this one:

    If this doesn't make any sense, maybe I can make a few modifications to that for you.
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