adding strips + pattern paint?

If I were to add strips to the original blinky strip as detailed in another thread, would it still be possible to use pattern paint with it? Is there are a setting that can be changed to change the number of leds on the system?
thank you for any assistance.


  • Hey there,

    We're working on adding this functionality in to pattern paint right now, but there are some other issues with adding LEDs. The biggest one is that the 1-meter length actually maxes out the current draw from the USB port, so you'd need to add an additional power injection point.

    How many LEDs were you thinking of adding?
  • I was thinking about adding 2 more 1m strips of 60 leds each. perhaps it would be possible to program this all through another adruino board instead?
  • If you inject power further along the strip, or use another power supply for the whole thing, then you might even be able to use the BlinkyTape controller board (after all, they are Arduino-compatible.)

    Could I ask what your overall vision is?
  • I was actually thinking of building a square display in a tshirt. i was thinking of useing a battery (and injecting power further down the strip, as you suggested) while using this and added led strips to the blinkystrip
  • Interesting! It strikes me that you might be able to make that work with just 1 meter of the strips, though; we've done 8x8 all off the single power source, which is a good size for a shirt.
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