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So this doesn't fit in any BlinkyTape category, but I got my Blinky Light String today. I like they colors and the quality of the LEDs because they're more shielded. One end of the string has the usb connector and the controller. The lights are connected by two pairs of wires, one white-red and one white-green. At the far end one pair (white-red) is just cut. The other pair (white-green) has this "interesting" black connector on it. Can anyone offer any info about these? Like is one pair power and the other pair data??


  • Great, glad to hear the blinky string lights made it! The two sets of outputs are:

    red: +5v power
    white: ground

    green: data output
    white: ground

    The connector type is JST-2P. The reason that there are two separate outputs is that if you want to connect more lights to the end of this set, you'll need to add a second power source- the USB is only good for the included lights. You can connect more pixels (or other neopixel/ws2812/ws2811 lights) to the end. Use the green&white cables that currently have the connector (you can just cut that off if the other end isn't readily available).
  • So after 24+ hours of the Blinky Lights being unpacked, I do have a comment... they STINK!! The smell of, I'm guessing, the plasticizer in some part of them was pretty strong when I unpacked them... but I figured it'd go away. My living room where I've got them strung out still reeks of the stuff.

    Please... *ANY* suggestion, short of boxing them up and putting them in the garage for a few months, would be appreciated.
  • Whoa, thanks for the heads-up on that. The smell should go away but very sorry it's so strong now!

    Here's what I'd suggest: take them down and bring them to the garage (don't box / bag them up, as we want air to circulate so those smell compounds can dissipate.)

    After hanging in the garage, try this: make a little bit of baking soda/water mixture and use a cloth or paper towel to wipe the chain down; then leave it hanging in the garage for the rest of the day or preferably overnight. Be sure it's 100% dry before plugging in again, and don't get the controller board wet.

    I think this should reduce the smell quite a bit, but please let us know what you find.
  • Talked to a friend over the weekend about the "issue" ;^). He suggested taking a hair dryer to the wire segments between the lights, being careful not to roast the LEDs, their controllers or the main controller. After working over the string for a couple of hours, it doesn't seem to smell that much. The heat seems to have helped the plasticizer hurry it's way on out!! They're allowed to stay in the living room.
  • Glad to hear you found a way to set the plasticizer, and sorry for the trouble! We had them all sitting out in our office for a few days while we were packing them and didn't notice any unusual outgassing, maybe it built up during shipping.
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