Adding sensors to BlinkyTape

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    Noob Alert. Question might be silly, but just wondering if an accelerometer, a daylight sensor and a momentary switch can be added to the Blinkytape. It has those three expansion pads... is the number sufficient for the mentioned devices to be added?
    The idea behind this is to make a bicycle hub dynamo powered led strip (dynamo output would go to an USB battery (USB-Werk) and then into Blinkytape), which would turn on depending on light output and movement. Momentary switch to turn it on/off. Also program something like brake lights (back of LED strip increasing brightness of RED) depending on the accelerometer data. Greetings from the Netherlands.
  • Welcome kempiniukas! Cool project idea! There is one analog input and two digital ones on the BlinkyTape controller, so it might be a little tight to add this many sensors. Do you have much soldering experience? As much as I love the BlinkyTape controller, you might want to try a Teensy or other small Arduino-compatible board with lots of pins, unless space is really tight on the bike :-).
  • Matt, jumping on this thread.
    Which of those holes along the edge of the blinkytape controller is the analog pin in?
    And what is it called in the Arduino programming environment?
    Cheers.. Greg

  • The analog pin is actually on the bottom side, and is analog pin 9. Use the BlinkyTape hardware profile if possible, or at least the Leonardo one.

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