I cant upload a new pattern

Hello! I recently got a BlinkyPendant, and I have been playing around with it for a while, I even made some custom patterns on Pattern Paint on windows 10. But just today, my new custom patter that I just made wont show. So I tried testing with smaller patterns and those wont show on the pendant either. I tried switching cables, this time my computer read that the pendant was plugged in; but I still cannot put new patterns on it. I have also heard of a way to reset the BlinyTape, but is there a similar method for the BlinkyPendant?


  • Oh! Sorry to hear that they're causing trouble. Do the original patterns still work on the BlinkyPendant?

    The reset technique for the BlinkyPendant is a little more involved but is also possible. I can make up a little tutorial for how to do it in Windows.
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