Combat SAD -- Use BlinkyTape for Sunrise alarm clock?

I've been looking for a reasonably priced sunrise alarm clock...they don't exist, and the overpriced ones that do seem to be white-light only.

How cool to have a BlinkyStrip behind the headboard that can glow deep blue, and slowly brighten through orange hues and then brighter yellow? control the duration of "sunrise" with an input parameter.

So I have this idea, but where would I start? could an arduino program be triggered from a commercial alarm clock?


  • I've done this. I triggered it with a standard household timer, like the kind used to control christmas lights. plug the timer into the wall, plug a USB converter into that, and plug your blinky strip into that.
  • Patrick's idea is definitely the simplest one, but you could also do some more complicated sunrise patterns if you have the strip connected to a computer or a Raspberry Pi. It should be relatively simple to do this with any of the languages that there are examples for...
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