Forum updates

edited December 2015 in General Help

Thanks to prompting by BlinkyPea, I've updated the forum software. Now you should be able to:

  • Upload files and even add them inline in your posts
  • Use markdown to format comments
  • Paste code samples without them getting mangled up: void loop() { int i = 0; }

Please let us know if you experience any issues, or if there are any other suggestions to make this work better!


    • Hmm, markdown doesn't seem to be working!
    • Bother...
  • Seems like you did two things.
    You made one change and line returns worked.
    You made another and then we ended back where we were.

  • Not sure why the line returns worked for a moment, I don't think I had changed anything before then ;-). So far I have upgraded to a new Ubuntu version, updated Vanilla to 2.2, and set Markdown as the default editor for desktop and mobile. 'Markdown' type is being recorded into the database entries for comments, so I'm not sure why the rendering engine isn't picking them up properly.

  • Re-testing line breaks
    Line 1
    Line 2

    Line 4

    I added 'white-space: pre-line;' to div.Message, really don't know what went wrong :neutral:

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