image size issue

Hello. Im very new to this so please bare with me.
I got my blinktytape today and was eager to get started on pattern paint and load a my little pony .png to light paint for my daughter. But when i tried to save to blinky, i had a message saying file too big. i then downloaded some files from the forum and tried those. Still too big. Am i doing something wrong? Do i need to compress them further due too the small memory on board? if so, i am still unsure why the examples on the forum did not work.
The pattern paint version is 2.0.3 (downloaded today).
Looking forward to some support.



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    Hi Dan, sorry to hear that- can you share a link to the file, and I'll try it out here? The image compression in the current version of pattern paint should be as good as the previous ones.

  • Hi Matt. The ones I had from this forum were the hat and logo.png from the example image discussion at the top of Blinkytape fun category.

  • Ok, got it. Those two are actually pretty small, so they should load fine (I just tested on my computer). The issue might be that the other samples are already loaded onto the tape- are there other patterns loaded in PatternPaint? In the menu, you can select 'file->close all' to close them all, and then open the pattern that you want to load.

  • wow sorry for the dumb question. i thought it only saved the highlighted pattern to the blinky. loads fine if thats the only one open. Thanks for the help.
    I have also noticed that the start playback and repeat drop downs only have automatic and continuously. Should they have other options?

  • Ok, great! No apologies necessary, it's not the most intuitive interface. Yeah- for now, those are the only available options.

  • Ok. Thanks again. Just waiting for the sun to go down now!

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