Hello. i must apologise first for being a complete new comer to the world of arduino.
I have an arduino uno that has never been opened. I am looking for a way to run larger or more of a selection of patterns on my blinkytape whilst out in the open air. Could i use my uno for this? could anybody offer advice or point me in the direction of tutorials. Thanks in advance.


  • Hi Dan, welcome!

    The BlinkyTape is designed to communicate to a USB host device like a computer or Raspberry Pi, so it's a little difficult to connect it to an Uno directly. The simplest thing to do is to tether it to a laptop and use PatternPaint to show the images directly, though that can be pretty cumbersome in practice. A smaller but more difficult solution would be to connect the tape to a Raspberry Pi or similar embedded computer that has a lot more storage, and write a small script that allows it to play back the patterns to the tape.

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