Lumen Output

I'm looking into connecting lights to fiber optic cable for a project.
Are you able to tell me what the average Lumen output of the blinky tape leds or the christmas lights? Which is brighter?
Emma G


  • Hi Emma,

    They are both about the same brightness. The BlinkyTape uses WS2812B LEDs, and you can find the datasheet here:

    The maximum luminous intensity of the different colors is between 200 and 720mcd, which is fairly bright, but not as bright as traditional sources for fibre optics. One way to look at it is if the flashlight on your cell phone is brighter than you need, then the BlinkyTape LEDs should be sufficient.

    There's also a second tip- the BlinkyTape controller comes pre-set to 1/3 of the maximum LED brightness, to limit the current it draws over the USB port. If it isn't bright enough, we have a beta version of PatternPaint that will allow you to override that limitation, but you will need to either reduce the number of LEDs by cutting the tape, or add a separate 5V power supply.

  • Great, thanks.
    I only need about half a meter so I might give it a go.

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