Uploading to controller finishes, but won't play when disconnected from PC

I can save to blinky from the menu with no errors, but when i try to run my pattern from a separate power supply it only plays the defaults. Maybe I'm just missing some step? Been reading forums and tried a few things, but nothing seems to work.


  • Hi, when you save to blinky, do you have the patterns loaded in Pattern Paint still? The BlinkyTape can store multiple patterns, and you can switch between them by holding down the small button on the controller for ~1 second. It plays them back in the order they are loaded in PatternPaint, and you can drag their icons up or down to re-arrange them.

    You can close the other patterns by choosing File-Close when they are selected.

  • As far as I can tell my pattern is the only one. It's the only one in the list, and when I scroll through using the button my pattern doesn't show up.

  • So I have two blinky controllers, and I tried the second one. It works fine. I upload from my PC, then switch over to a USB power supply and it work fine. Still not working on the first one though. Any thoughts?

  • Hmm- does the 'restore default firmware' option work? Were both of the controllers purchased at the same time? Also, what OS and computer type are tyou using?

  • I tried restore default firmware and nothing changed. I'm on a Windows 10 PC. They weren't purchased at the exact same time, and honestly I don't know how far apart they were purchased. I'm not even sure which one is which at this point :blush: I know which one works and which doesn't, but other than that I can't tell them apart.

  • Ok! I managed to get a BlinkyTape into a state where it goes through the update process, but doesn't actually rewrite any of the firmware.

    By chance, have you loaded custom firmware onto the BlinkyTape using Arduino?

  • I have not. Though other people may have used this one and I don't know about it... When I first plugged it in it ran the standard demo stuff that's built in, so I don't think anyone had really done anything with it, can't say 100% though.

  • I would give the new version of pattern paint a try. Version 2.1.2 seems to fix a number of apparent upload/memory issues.

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