Button no worky

So I purchased a few blinky boards a few months back, right after they were back in stock with the new two pin button layout. I just got around to hooking them up to some lights, and the buttons aren't responsive. The first board I tried, displayed the "flashlight" ex. pattern. The second board showed the "scanner" example pattern. I jumped the buttons solder tabs together with a wire and nothing. I updated pattern paint, restored the firmware, did the restart trick, and everything works fine with the boards but still get no brightness adjustment and no pattern navigation. I wonder if somehow the buttons are not connected to the same pin that they are addressed to in the firmware? I haven't hooked them up to arduino before.


  • Sorry to hear they are giving you a problem! The button is attached to the same pin as before (and is tested during production), so they at least worked at one point.

    The first thing that comes to mind is- how many LEDs do you have attached? We have noticed that if there are hundreds of LEDs attached, the controller spends most of it's time updating the LEDs, and starts missing button presses.

  • Oh interesting! That could be the case...I have about 140 hooked up, and it's 74LED/meter sk6812. There's about 1500mah li-ion powering with a 2A, 5v step up, but I do have it branched with the 3.7v running to the stripping as well. Then I run just the data and ground output from the blinky to the strip. Any solutions to make the button more responsive? Maybe a capacitor or resistor placed in a certain spot? Oh also when i turn the power on, it takes ten seconds every time for the lights to kick in(not sure if thats significant)....Now that I think about it, I only have a 33ohm resistor still on the strips data pin. That was all i had at the time. I'll try a bigger resistor and and a larger capacitor for the power. Thanks I'll let you know if that works out!

  • And the sk6812 has a data frequency of 800khz compared to ws which is 600khz if I'm not mistaken, so I'm guessing it is what you are predicting

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