EightByEight Windows 10 Drivers

Hey all,

I was wondering if there's any instructions to get an EightByEight installed on a Windows 10 machine. I seem to be able to get the serial driver installed, but not the DFU. I have Pattern Paint 2.0.3 installed, but there does not seem to be any compatible drivers for the EightByEight. When I click on 'system info' from the help menu, it detects the Blinkinlabs EightByEight on COM7, but there are no detected blinkies listed. Any help would be appreciated. Cheers,


  • Hi! At the moment, the EightByEight is only working with Arduino as a programmable badge. We'll have support for it in PatternPaint soon, though.

    For Windows 10, the Microsoft-supplied TTYACM driver in Windows 10 should be compatible with the serial port, so the port is showing is a good place to start. The DFU driver is only needed to upgrade the firmware on the ARM part (that's creating the serial port, and doing the low-level driving of the matrix).

    We do have a driver for the serial port, DFU, and DFU in bootloader mode here, however it looks like the signature isn't correct- I'll regenerate that and post again when it's up:


  • Ok, they should be updated and signed correctly now. On a fresh Windows 10 machine, I had to run device manager, and then manually select the 'Update Driver Software' option.

  • Matt, thank you so much!! These products are awesome btw =)

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