Letters and patterns backwards


I just recently purchased the EightbyEight at the Maker Faire. I downloaded Pattern Paint, plugged it in, and all the examples are displayed backwards. (i.e. Flashing B L I N K letters are backwards and the coffee mug handle is on the left and not on the right as shown). :( Any ideas how to fix this? Thanks!


  • Aye! Apologies for that. I have to get the new version of PatternPaint out to correct this. What operating system are you using?

  • Windows 10. Thank you!

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    Hi, I'm getting the same effect. Really cool product though! Any chance there's more documentation on the 8x8 features? Wifi? Accelerometer? Would love to start playing with these! Should have picked up some more of these at maker faire, these are so neat. Looking forward to getting into some more of the bits on this board! :)
    Win10 as well

  • Ok, just published an updated version of PatternPaint here:

    At the moment, you'll need to update the firmware on the EightByEight using Arduino, for it to work correctly with the new version of PatternPaint (sorry about that :-/). Quick tutorial following for that, and we expect to have an updated version of PatternPaint that will handle everything automatically, shortly.

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