Blinky Tape and video! ?? How to implement.

I have blinkytape (and blinky tile)...
I I have a video of blue water with sunlight reflecting off of it. I want to take 1 line of video and convert it into a blinky tape pattern. (resolution and playback rate not expected to be high.)



  • Can you share the video? We're working on an importer for PatternPaint to do exactly this.

  • Probably something like this:
    Will try to select a couple center lines, take the pattern from there and see if when played back through a couple rows of blinky tape against a wall if it gives some semblance of rippling water. There are other similar videos... May have to look for one with deeper dark blue...

  • Hi Matt!... Hoping you've gotten a chance to implement something??? hoping hoping hoping.

  • Hey! All of the features are planned but we haven't had a chance to get them implemented yet :-/.

  • Hey Matt... ANy update on this? Or should I look for another solution?

  • Still looking for a way to do this! Does anyone have any suggestions?

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