BlinkyTape serial protocol and generating same in JavaScript on the host?


Two questions:
1. Is there a succinct document that describes the current serial protocol for the standard BlinkyTape Arduino firmware? (Is it simply a stream of RGB byte triplets, mapped to LED addresses 0..n-1 for n LEDs, with 255 being a distinguished value that means "paint the frame"?)
2. Have seen lots of mentions on the net of various apps, written in various languages, to generate this serial data stream. One of interest, from leojhartiv, provides a link from Java apps to BlinkyTape, using an http server process in the host to get out of the Java sandbox, Has anyone done the same for JavaScript?




  • Hi Mike,

    1. You're correct, it's just RGB triplets with 255 meaning 'end of frame'.
    2. I know of a node example:

    and I saw a javascript example that used a Chrome extension to talk over serial, however I think that particular platform might have been discontinued.

  • Thanks, Matt. Anyone else have any info on JavaScript connectors?

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