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Hi there

I took my blinky controller and attached it to 50 leds of the 30/m variety. I made the scarf like I did this one:

I'm playing with the "production sketch" in the Arduino IDE. I'm still a beginner but I'm familiar with the IDE and FastLED and stuff so this isn't entirely new to me. I'm trying to incorporate some of the fastLED palettes and things I use in some of FastLED example sketches but I'm having trouble adding additional things. I was able to upload the FastLED demo reel with a button press and also make edits to the production sketch successfully, but I wasn't able to do what I wanted, which was to use some of the FastLED palettes (from the ColorPalette sketch) with the short and long button press to adjust brightness and cycle through modes.

I can no longer access my codebender sketches but I usually post my code there since I'm slow with github []. I think I can describe one error I'm seeing in my sketch and I don't understand how to resolve it. I don't have this issue when uploading this sketch to other boards so I can only imagine its a leonardo thing:
uint16_t SPEED = 30;
exit status 1
expected unqualified-id before numeric constant

I'm going to continue to play and see if I can put something together without this.

I'd like to understand how to incorporate other FastLED functions that I typically use (incorporating palettes or things from the demo reel, for example) easily into the Production Sketch. I can typically muscle through this stuff but I spent a few hours on it last night and didn't make any progress.

Can someone point me in the right direction? Thanks!

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