Upload to 2 blinkytapes at once?

Good day all, just found my old micro USB splitter cable (2 micro plugs split off of one cable) and was wondering if it was possible that I could load patterns on to 2 blinkytapes at once?

I know it will charge or power two devices, but was just curious about this action.



  • Oh, neat cable! It should be able to power two BlinkyTapes. At most, it will only let you connect to one of the BlinkyTapes, though- unless the cable has a tiny built-in USB hub (possible but unlikely), the USB port on your computer can only talk to one USB connected device at a time. Often, these funky power cables only include the wires for power, and won't allow an actual connection to any devices.

  • Ah well. I suspect you're right, it's only ever been used for charging and there's nothing on it that states "OTG" or anything.

    I'll find a way to do what I'm thinking, just not sure how it'll shake out just yet. :)

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