unique wiring?

hi Blinkinlabs folks!

I'm embarking on an adventure, and before a possible futile wiring I thought I'd ask here, first.

I'm hoping to use some stiff wire to make spatial connections.

Is this possible: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1D2KcUJs-gyjpZbt9i0T84IpwWmdamAbo

Or do I have to stick to: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1LSq-JqMgnii-TRfe14zKFNKxYNuGZz35

Thoughts? THANKS!


  • Either one is fine! The connections are symmetrical, and also redundant, so skipping some of them are fine.

    For reference, the connections on the side of the BlinkyTile are:
    [gnd] [power] [data] [power] [gnd]

    and at a minimum, you'll need to connect one of the ground, one of the power, and a data connection. The tiles don't actually need to be connected to multiple other tiles, however that will help make it a little more reliable.

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    Awesome! I figured y'all had it spec'd out like that, but also just wanted to ask :smile:

    This is only a preview of what I'm attempting: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1I1OCGJfJku7DgWmCLM4VDvFGOjylHD2F/view?usp=sharing - (don't worry I'll connect the other two wires) some tiles will be 'floating' at various locations. I'll keep ya posted on my progress.


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    As long as we're talking about wiring, I thought I would pass along something I haven't found anywhere else. It seems you can connect more than two BlinkyTiles to an edge.

    I'm interested in connecting a series of dodecahedrons, but I wanted to check the connections before I soldered anything. The address programming cables make wonderful test leads (which is apparently what they are).

    Note: the LEDs in this photo are controlled by a Metro Mini, but it seems to work fine with the LightBuddy as well.


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