BlinkyTape control board and Neopixel

is possible to use BlinkyTape control board with NeoPixel LED strip? Neopixel has gnd, 5v, B0, D0. BlikyTape control board have gnd, 5v, D13. Is possible to connect these together? I searched datasheet but no luck, are there some details for this product?
Thank you


  • Hi- apologies for missing this earlier.
    Can you link to the NeoPixel strip you are looking at? 'Neopixel' is just a nickname for WS2812 that Adafruit made up, and they should have gnd, 5v, and DI. If the strip you are using is based on WS2813, then you can connect the controller data output to the DI input on the strip, and connect the BI input on the strip to ground.

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