Image Format Questions

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I wasn't quite happy with the Pattern Paint program and thought hey why not draw up something in Excel, cut-n-paste to paint, save as PNG, and load that in in Pattern Paint.

That does work, but I'm struggling to get the size correct so I have one cell in Excel equate to one RGB at one time slice.
No matter how large I make my PNG, Pattern Paint takes the image and repeats it three times vertically instead of my grid I've draw filling the Pattern Paint surface 100%.

Any suggestions?



  • Sorry to hear you're having trouble with PatternPaint. It is a pretty new tool, and we're working to add some more advanced features to it.

    PatternPaint will automatically scale any image you load so that the height is 60 pixels high. Can you upload or share an example image thats causing you trouble? We'll check it out and try to figure out whats wrong.
  • My next post with the pixel drawing program solved my problem. I can now make a properly sized canvas and draw on it.
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