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Hey all -

Just FYI, we've created a new category that's specifically for getting help. If you're having an issue getting up and running, post it under "BlinkyTape Troubleshooting!"

We may move active threads over there, so don't be alarmed if yours changes location!


  • Hello all.

    Is there a document with the reference list of commands/functions available for controlling the standard BlinkyTape? I would like to access that list with the description and syntax of each command/function.
    E.g. LEDS.showColor(CRGB(N, M, O));
    etc, etc

    Many thanks,

  • Hi Lúcio,

    That's a good question. Not yet - however, the reference info for the FastSPI library will be of interest for you:

    Since they are the maintainer, that's the best place to go. I should add a link to that on the Arduino page.

    We do owe the community a reference for our BlinkyTape processing class, so be on the lookout for that.
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