How do I connect the BlinkyTape to anything?

This photo shows what came in my BlinkyTape box:

I see no way to connect the BlinkyTape to the power box: it and the box have the same micro USB connector on it, and it doesn't have anything to connect to the standard-sized USB connector labeled "output". Was my box missing a part?


  • XanXan
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  • XanXan
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    Ah, well. Now I get it. The power box has two ports, as far as I get what you're saying: microUSB and USB A (standard). And you have an A<->micro connection cable.

    MicroUSB is probably to charge the box itself. Put the cable into it and the A connector to any USB port on a computer, or into a mobile phone charger or similar.

    USB A is to power the BlinkyTape when it is autonomous: you just connect the micro port of the BlinkyTape to the standard port of the box. It then powers on an runs the loaded firmware.

    If you need to connect BlinkyTape to a computer, you don't need the box at all: USB bus from your computer will provide power.
  • Hi Ceejbot,

    The box is a battery to power the BlinkyTape. Xan is correct, you should connect the micro connector on the cable to the BlinkyTape. Then, you can power the BlinkyTape using the battery by connecting the larger side of the cable to the USB port on the battery, or connect the BlinkyTape to your computer by plugging the larger side of the cable into the computer. To recharge the battery, disconnect the cable from the BlinkyTape, then connect the small side of the cable to the battery pack, and the large side to your computer or an external power supply.
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