Schematic and board layout?

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I saw that the eagle files are on Github, but I was hoping you guys could put up something more widely viewable (pdf, png, etc).

Or more to the point, what if I want to talk to blinkytape directly over serial from another embedded device?

Thanks, this thing is pretty sweet.


  • Sure, that's a good idea! I'll add schematics as a release on the repository. I have a board manual started, but it's a little out of date :-)

    The hardware serial pins on the processor aren't broken out as pads, so there are two hopefully straightforward options:
    1. Use the two digital I/O expansion pad (D11 and D7) as software serial. The pads are located on the back side of the board, under the USB connector. This is probably the easiest way, and could be good for triggering the BT to display animations. It probably won't be fast enough to stream animation data live.
    2. Use the ICSP pads along the bottom as an SPI port. This should enable higher speed transmission, but might be a bit more tricky to set up.

    Don't forget to wire up a ground connection as well!
  • I uploaded a PDF version of the schematic and layout here:

    We'll work on integrating this into the docs on the BlinkyTape website, too.
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