Automating disco party

Env - Windows 7 x64

I'm going to use my BlinkyTape with Disco Party to add some extra fun to a Virtual Pinball cabinet. Everything is functional but I would like to hard code it to a port so no interaction is required. Then I can run it from the startup folder in the background. What would be the recommend way of doing this? (Programming skills - novice.)



  • I was hoping disabling the serial selector in DiscoParty then defaulting m_portName = "COM3"; would do it. It looks like it must pass the random(?) associated m_outPort.port as well though.
  • I also tried the following. It correctly uses COM3 but says the port is busy. Running it from the original SerialSelector doesn't do that though.

    String myPort = null;
    for(String sN : Serial.list()) {
    if (sN.contains("COM3")) {
    myPort = sN;

    bts.add(new BlinkyTape(this, myPort, numberOfLEDs));

    Connecting to BlinkyTape on: COM3
    LedOutput: Exception while making serial port: java.lang.RuntimeException: Error opening serial port COM3: Port busy
  • Errors like this are sometimes mometary - unplug and replug the tape, try again. The Java serial stuff can be a little buggy. Unless you're consistently getting the error?
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