BlinkyShimmer - Processing Example w/ Video

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I wrote this Processing animation program as a first step towards a bigger project I have in mind. The code is relatively simple and should be easy to follow. I made an effort to add comments to clarify what the code is doing. Check it out if you're starting out with BlinkyTape programming and want an example Processing program to follow.


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    had a problem but i found it.
  • Very pretty routine! Thanks for sharing.
  • is the blinkytape powerful enough to execute routines like this in a standalone manner?
  • @Threeethan Thanks! You're welcome.

    @amarfresh Yeah it is. I've ported this shimmer program to an Arduino version and it works great. I'm sure it can do much more complicated stuff as this takes up less than half the available memory. The code is still needs to be cleaned up a bit before I post it publicly. Eventually when it's presentable I'll post it here.
  • Hey dat,

    We're looking for some other routines to include in the default firmware for BlinkyTape - would you be interested in contributing BlinkyShimmer? If so just let us know where we might be able to find the arduino port.

    If not, that's totally cool too, but we might do something aesthetically inspired by Blinkyshimmer!
  • @Threeethan I can email you the source I have if you guys want to clean it up or rewrite it. It is in awful spaghetti code right now. It had been a while since I had used C and hadn't remembered how to use structs. I did things in a roundabout way to get it working one afternoon. I think I have your email already and will send it there.

    There's some code to cycle through different colors of white, to mimic color temperatures, to better match any surrounding light sources.
  • Awesome, just got it! Thanks a ton for sharing. We might clean it up but this will definitely help.
  • You're welcome. I shared this in hopes that it would encourage other people to make and share their own creations. I'm a bit disappointed there isn't more stuff on here already. I want to see more stuff for inspiration and to take ideas from.
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