Pattern Paint and Disco Party to multiple BlinkyTapes

edited January 2014 in BlinkyTape Fun

I've bought several BlinkyTapes and want to be able to use things like DiscoParty with all of them at the same time.

It'll be running off a MacBook and basically I just want all the BlinkyTapes to show the same thing.

Any way this is possible?


  • Don't worry chaps, got it working ;)
  • Sorry for the delay - we had our minds elsewhere for the last couple of weeks. Apologies!

    How did you do it - any secrets?
  • I basically just went into the processing code of DiscoParty and manually added the serials of the Blinkytapes. Then I simply created new variables, and used the new serials with each one.

    So basically it calculates what the colour being sent will be, then it just sends that information three times to each tape.

    So far it works great except USB extension cables can't seem to handle it and it will freeze.
  • Sounds pretty simple - we should post a how-to for doing multiple tapes (I'll add it to my to-do list.) Is it an issue with the power draw over your extension cables?
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