BlinkyTape Stick arrived. Instructions

Not that this is all that complex and I've got most of it figured but there are some things I'm not sure about...

My kickstarter aluminum channel+diffuser arrived along with a small packet of parts. It appears there are two end caps that screw to the channel, and the diffuser slides in the top groves. There are two clips that I think are intended to clip the stick to something else, and a small acrylic rectangle with your logo screen printed on it.
Where does the logo rectangle go?
Does it matter which end the wires come out?
I assume you intend the USB cable to be permanently attached.


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    We just popped these on the site, sorry about the delay:

    Yes - the USB cable stays attached permanently, though you could remove the endcap to swap it out. The tube isn't directional. The only tricky bit is the logo rectangle you mention, which is meant to stabilize the USB connector. There's a photo that should make it pretty clear.

    This actually doesn't cover the clips, but you can use those with screws to attach the tube permanently to something.
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