[Arduino - FASTSPI2] Interesting LED FX Code - work for BlinkyTape

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I've found an Arduino sketch use FastSPI2 Library to control the LED strip. It has multiple effects that you can play with

You can get the code @ :http://funkboxing.com/wordpress/?p=2154

To make it works with your BlinkyTape you need to modify the code as below:
-Under "//---LED SETUP STUFF" change "#define LED_COUNT x" to #define LED_COUNT 60
-Look for this line and un comment it "LEDS.addLeds(leds, LED_COUNT);" and comment all other line with starting "LEDS.addLeds"
-To change the default effect, you can change this value: "int ledMode = 5;"

-For more detail about setting up Arduino for BlinktyTape you can go to : http://blinkinlabs.com/blinkytape/docs/arduino/
The LED strip can be controlled via a Chrome Extension which is provided in the same thread.

@ Credit go to teldredge on Funkboxing.

Sorry for my English.
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