[Processing] BlinkyMusicShow - My version of DiscoParty

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First of all, I want to say a huge thank you for Blinkinlabs to making this product. I've been wanting to work on projects like this for the longest time, and this made it so easy and convenient to write and test fully functional sound reactive code.

If any of you are interested in the music visualization aspects of LEDs, please take a look at my project and test it out.


And here's a little example: http://distilleryvesper4-0.ak.instagram.com/e38e980889dd11e39dc812f864d4b6c0_101.mp4

I'd love to hear some feedback of ALL kinds as this is my first time writing any Processing or any sound/FFT related code.


  • Thanks for sharing! I want to see more of what people have created.

    The intensity of the lights seem to fluctuate unnaturally quickly with the music. You could try making the decay of the lights, the falloff, a bit slower to make the animation a bit more organic feeling and less erratic.

    Maybe this is what the smoothing function does? I couldn't tell what that did.
  • Hey Cory,

    This is a great start. I think you might want to add in an easier control for setting the sensitivity of the response -- in DiscoParty, we have a slider called 'Sensitivity' which maps to a variable that scales up several of the color values. Also I second dat's comments on the decay.

    But that said, this is pretty much super awesome! Would you be into being featured on the blog?
  • I was looking at the sensitivity as well. I'll be looking more into better algorithms for the sensitivity and decay as you and dat have stated. I'd love to be featured on the blog, so if you need anymore info then just let me know.
  • I just went down a rabbit hole and built something kinda based on this: https://github.com/Threeethan/BlinkySpectrogram
  • Hey Threeethan,

    Awesome work! Glad to see some spin offs! Saw the blog post as well, and am loving it.

    Forgot to add a little example of the program so here: http://distilleryvesper4-0.ak.instagram.com/e38e980889dd11e39dc812f864d4b6c0_101.mp4
  • Nice demo!
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