How Are You Guys Powering Your Tape

So my tape came. I had already played with Pattern Paint, and was able to load my image right away. It's loaded on the tape... but now I want to go outside and take a long exposure picture, and obviously the 3 foot USB cord won't cut it. How are those guys doing the outside animation and light painting, like with the Pixel Stick?


  • I recently received my Zendure battery pack, but there are plenty of those around, i.e. Energizer ones. Anything marketed as battery-powered mobile phone charger would work.
  • +1 to Xan's answer. Battery chargers that work for an iPad (up to 2 amp draw) should be perfect.
  • I have both a 15' USB extension cable(~$2 at monoprice) and a USB battery pack (Limeaide 180) both allow for movement, attached to a computer and free from a computer, respectively.
  • Four 1.2V-1.5V standard AA rechargeable bateries work just fine. Typical output is 5.something Volts.
  • Mintyboost (2x AA) from Adafruit works as does a Duracell USB phone charger.
  • BT ships (from Kickstarter orders) with a white POWER brick (rechargeable battery) and no instructions on recharging it? How do you know when you've fully recharged it? The glowing letters are all lit except the R which keeps matter how long the battery is plugged in? WTF? Can someone Please advise?
  • Hey Peter -

    Sorry about that! Sounds like you figured out how to charge it -- you use the smaller micro USB. If that last letter won't stop blinking after a few hours, it's effectively fully charged, I wouldn't worry about it. The letters do work as a charge indicator while it's powering something else, though they're not super accurate.
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