Pattern Paint file too big

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  • I wonder if I'm the only one? Got the latest PPaint. It rejects my PNG. No matter how I squash it (color reduction, eliminating pixelation, etc) the file is rejected being too big at a bit over 3K. However the older version I've been using for two+ years, took the file and delivered it to my Blinkytape with no problem, causing me to wonder? Bug? What's different?
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  • Apologies that the new Pattern Paint is causing trouble- it looks like I set the default compression to the wrong type. I'll re-enable compression and try to get an updated version out soon, until then please use the original PatternPaint for large images!
  • OK, thanks Matt. I've been learning a lot since those early days. BTW, I used the new PP to "export pattern for Arduino" yielding a ".h" file. How do I use it? Is it possible with things like Gemma/Trinket to use? Or only with my Uno; to drive the BTape (do I use Processing and not arduino)?
  • Ok, here's an updated version of PatternPaint that should fix the compression problem- let me know how it works:
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