perl on Ubuntu

has anyone gotten the Device::Blinkytape module to run on Ubuntu? I got it (and the kajillion prerequisites) to build, but whenever I run any examples, I get a few random pixels displayed on the tape, then the tape stops updating.

I got Device-BLinkytape-0.04....


  • Check if modem-manager is installed, it can interfere with serial devices under Ubuntu. If you aren't using a dial-up modem you can safely remove it:

    sudo aptitude remove modemmanager
  • ah. forgot to mention that home-built java program using /dev/ttyACM0 works just fine.

    removed modemmanager anyway, problem persists. After the tape gets wedged, I need to detach / reattach it several times (or reboot) to get it to start working: it's almost like garbage is getting buffered along the line.

    Does baud rate need to be set? doesn't seem right to me, since there is no real UART in the path, but I ain't an expert in such things.
  • oh, yeah, and this one works fine...


    use Time::HiRes;

    open ($port, "> /dev/ttyACM0") || die $!;

    foreach my $i (0..59) {
    if ($i % 20 == 0) {
    sleep (0.05);

    $port->close() || die $!;
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