building PatternPaint on Linux

I need to get PatternPaint installed on a Ubuntu 14.04 LTS (64 bit). I have the source code tarball downloaded and untarred, but I'm stuck; no Makefile.

I *know* I've built this before on Linux (I remember pain with getting the correct QT libraries), but I'll be darned if I can find the instructions on Google or in the tarball.

What's (or where) is the magic incantation to build PatternPaint?


  • Hi! Yeah, it's a small pain since the Qt libs shipped with Ubuntu are a few versions back from the main Qt release.

    The most straightforward path to getting a running PatternPaint is to download the Qt development tools from

    Once Qt Creator is installed, it should be as simple as opening up the PatternPaint project in Qt creator, and selecting run.

    Otherwise, I think the biggest change between this version and the LTS one was adding Qt Serial- it should be a small change to backport the code to work with the older version of Qt and the external version of Qt Serial, however I haven't attempted it recently.

    Let me know if that makes sense. My apologies that it doesn't compile out of the box with Ubuntu.
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